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Candle Holders

Harp Pillar Candle Holder
Item #CH001              Harp Pillar Candle Holder
Price on Request
Add a classic look to your home or office with our beautiful harp pillar candle holder.

Five Candle Round Candle Holder
Item #CH002                     Round Candle Holder
Price on Request
One of our favorites, this round candle holder holds 5 candles or small potted plants.

Octagon Candle Holder
Item #CH003                  Octagon Candle Holder
Price on Request
The ultimate centerpiece, holding 9 candles in an octagonal form, brings a strong presence and a bold statement to any setting.

Fireplace Candle Holder
Item #CH004                Fireplace Candle Holder
Price on Request
Lighten your home with a wonderful glow by choosing our fireplace candle holder.  Available in 5, 7, or 9 candle formats.

Shadow Caster I
Item #CH005                              Shadow Casters
Price on Request
Each one unique, the Shadow Caster has its own flair and subtleties.

Scrolled Wall Sconce
Item #CH006                     Scrolled Wall Sconce
Price on Request
Finished in black with a touch of silver to emphasize your pillar candle, this beautiful scrolled wall sconce is a great addition to any room.

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