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The creations you see here are of mixed media.  All are handcrafted by GHT Metals. Looking for something unique, call GHT Metals at 214-616-7951.  Or, should you prefer, email us at gary@ghtmetals.com to request information.

Please note that some of the pieces have sold and are shown as an example of the type of work possible.






Item #CS001
Price on Request
Handcrafted in steel and finished in GHT Metals' signature burgundy, this sculpture stands 18" tall with a width of 7".

Item #CS002
Price on Request
Adding a moment of nature, this steel sculpture, finished in green, stands 24" tall with a width of 10".

Item #CS003                             "Narrow Margin"
Price on Request
A sculpture with the tension of the almost caught or the just missed.  This piece is finished in bold black with shining silver edges and stands 3' tall and has a width and depth of 2'.

Item #CS004

Item #CS005

Item #CS006

Item #CS007

Item #CS008

Item #CS009

Item #CS010

Item #CS011

Item #CS012

Guitar Hand
Item #CS013

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